Saturday, November 24, 2007

10 Environments

What girl would not love to have a powder room like this with magenta upholstered walls and shiny chandeliers? Well, maybe a girl that doesn’t like pink wouldn’t like it very much, but I love dark bold colors in small spaces sometimes. Who says you can’t go dark in a small space? It’s dramatic and if you pair dark colors with light and reflection such as mirrors it is balanced out. This powder room is very sparkly, pink and quite girly, yet it still has sophistication to it. What is really interesting is that the molding and trim is painted silver, which is not a very common color for trim. Nonetheless, the silver trim is a much better choice than white because it is not such a stark contrast against the magenta walls and the silver is repeated in the mirrors and other glass fixtures. Featured in Big Style 2007.

Can you really turn a small closet into a powder room? You can with certain elements such as a sink that slides into the wall when not in use. I love the use of space in this 38 x 57 inch room. You don’t need much to make a powder room comfortable and useable. The built in display cabinets are an interesting shape and make the room seem taller and more spacious. Built in cabinets may cost a little more money than regular cabinets, but they take up much less space and look far better than cabinets that stick out of the wall. It’s amazing what designers can do with a little imagination and lack of space. I absolutely love the idea of the sink as a drawer. I wouldn’t think it would be possible because you have to have pipes connected to it in some way, however the designer must have found a way. Overall, this powder room looks very simple, but there are so many little things that made it work as a powder room and not a tiny closet. Featured in Big Style 2007.

This is the living room of Parisian Antiques Dealer Florence Lopez. Her style is very eclectic and it is reflected in her different styles of art and furniture. The angles in the architecture of the ceiling reflect the angles in the modern artwork and furniture. My favorite piece in this room is the lamp with zigzag angles that almost reach to the ceiling. The muted light blue contrasts beautifully with the light beige in the room. The day bed looks very comfortable and I love the upholstery. This eclectic room is very different from most designer rooms I’ve seen and that is why I like it so much. Featured in Inside Out November 2007.

This may not be my favorite design, however I really love the idea of it. This is a Greek revival house circa 1839. The designer, Mark Christofi chose a bold pattern for the walls because it was unexpected. I adore old homes, and using retro and fun modern furniture in old homes is very trendy and cool. The large graphic pattern is a little too bold for me though. I think that designers can do something in an old home that is modern and new, as long as they know what they are doing and don’t go too far with their design. Featured in Color November 2007.

Simplicity is key in this airy home in the Netherlands. Everything in this room looks very expensive, however the designer did a great job in choosing each item very carefully. The vase on the table just so happens to be from Ikea. I absolutely love the artwork in this home; it’s by Mary Waters and fits the room quite well. The contrast of black and white is not too stark and is warmed up by the flowers and the beige accents. If you look closely you can even see the inlayed detail in the wood floors. I would love to live in this simple but elegant house.
Featured in InsideOut November 2007.

Blue, red, and tan are beautifully paired in this kitchen and dining room. The deep blue tile in the kitchen breaks up the wood floors and cabinets. I love how you can see the grains in the wood and the old weathered floors are gorgeous. The dining room is even more gorgeous. My favorite part is the mixture of different styles of chairs. The wooden chairs have great detail and bring an old world charm to the world. The red chairs are more modern and add a pop of color to the room. I can’t seem to find anything that I don’t like in these two gorgeous rooms.
Featured in InsideOut November 2007.

This colorful and airy room is actually quite small. The choice in color and furniture really makes a difference. A mostly white room with a few colorful accents makes a place seem much larger. The colors are gorgeously put together; they don’t quite match but they compliment each other well. The clear polycarbonate chairs are really interesting considering they are in a classic style yet are clear and trendy. The clear chairs recede into the background and are a pleasant surprise when discovered. I’m not a fan of foe fireplaces, however this one doesn’t bother me that much. I really like the tile background and the simple white architecture of the fireplace. This room is very cute and youthful and refreshing. This is a great example of designing a room to make it seem larger using beautiful pieces that are both classic and trendy. Featured in Big Style 2007.
I absolutely love the colors used in the Gramercy Park Hotel’s restaurant. The deep red is so dramatic and the texture in the curtains and rug works wonderfully with the sleek chairs and tables in the restaurant. The popular combination of black and red are offset by the brown in the brick and wallpaper. The curtains seem to provide privacy, yet the tables are right next to each other and I’m sure that people might feel uncomfortable being able to see other people at their tables so close to them. I think that if the tables were spaced differently that people would enjoy the privacy and design of the restaurant a bit more. Featured in Elle Decor November 2007.

This is a living room in a New York apartment designed by Steven Gambrel. I love the graphic carpet and the pop of yellow in the sofa. The sofa is beautifully upholstered and looks quite comfortable because of its size and depth. I don’t exactly love this room; however, I enjoy a few elements and the way they work such as the juxtaposition of the modern sofa and carpet with the less refined coffee table with bamboo legs. I’m not a fan of the wall art and the bright gold lamps. The gold is gaudy looking I think that black and white photography or wall art would look much better than the light blue over-sized painting above the sofa. Overall I think that the designer did a great job in putting together some of the pieces, nevertheless I would personally change some of the accessories if I designed the room myself. Then again, taking risks is what design is all about. Featured in Elle Decor November 2007.

When first glancing at this photo I thought it was a bar or nice restaurant, when in reality it is the Nokia phone store in New York City. This store makes buying a phone like going out to a trendy bar. The bright pink neon walls are glossy and almost translucent. I really enjoy the black background where the phones are displayed. The background breaks up the store in a horizontal line running to the back of the store that draws the viewers eye towards where the phones are, which is the exact purpose of the store. This is a fantastic environment for a chic and trendy New Yorker for sure! Featured in Elle Decor November 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

RonChamp & Visual Arts Center by Le Corbusier

Here are some sketches from the same afternoon of Melia and Lyndsay posing with our platonic forms (cubes).

Sketch Model Drawings

These are drawings of some ideas for our Time Capsule project. The first one is the one I will be working on. It is a sculpture with cubes that will be able to store artifacts such as a letter to ourselves in the future or sketchbooks, drawings, etc. The more uniform blocks on the left represent us coming into the program not knowing where to go and the more random blocks represent us finding our individuality and our own purpose in life. The bottom drawing was supposed to be a sculpture that you could walk under outside. I really don't like this model but i was meant to represent the 'world of IARC'. It is a little cliche and I think that a less literal approach is much more punctual and makes more of a point.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Block Drawing

If you l0ok at this from the bottom my drawing gradually becomes more accurate. We've been drawing our platonic forms in class and it's a lot more difficult than it looks due to all of the angles.

Shading Techniques

Exercises 2.10-2.12
Exercise 2.9

Exercise 2.8Exercise 2.7

Exercise 2.6

Exercise 2.5

Exercise 2.4

Exercise 2.3 (still need to upload)

Ex. 2.1 & 2.2